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Sun, Jul 03, 2022

5 Great Gifts For a Car Lover

Vol 1 Issue 4

5 Great Gifts For a Car Lover

Whether they’re a casual driver or a car enthusiast you can find thoughtful and personalized items they’re sure to love.

 Here are 5 great gift ideas.


Mini Fridge

What’s better than a handy mini fridge to keep your drinks and snacks cool during a long drive? These mini fridges are lightweight and fit easily in the trunk, perfect for stashing after school snacks, drinks on a hot day, or even a lunch for people on-the-go!

Portable USB Charger

Gift them a portable USB charger so your loved one’s devices are never without battery while they’re on the road. Many chargers today come with lightning-fast charging and can even charge two devices at a time.


Phone Dashboard Mount

Holding a cellphone while driving is both distracting and dangerous. A dashboard phone mount will work with most smartphones to ensure that your recipient can easily use their GPS or have a conversation safely while they’re on the road.

Experience Drives

You can book a thrilling driving experience as a gift—How cool is that? Get your friend behind the wheel, or in the passenger seat, of a race-car at the Michigan International Speedway. If driving at high speeds isn’t their thing, they can experience the rush trackside with tickets to the 2021 race season at the Birch Run Speedway!


Car Trunk Organizer

People who love to stay organized will love a car carrier bag that can fit in the trunk. It’s ideal for grocery shopping, road trips, and useful for any driver who loves to keep their car neat and in order.