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29th Annual Golf Tournament

29th Annual Golf Tournament

This event provides support and contributions to enable Disabled and Limbless Veterans to meet their goals and fund their mission. They are a group of Veterans and civilian volunteers providing meals, clothing, and shelter to America's most needy Veterans and their families. We are the conduit between individual and corporate donors and Veterans and their
families who need services and support.

Disabled and Limbless Veterans INC. vision is to empower and improve the lives of Veterans and their families by providing assistance and support.

We seek to educate the community about the needs of Veterans and the opportunities to meet hese needs. We want Veterans to know we care and hope to inspire others to care. We solicit donations of food from local restaurants and supermarkets to:

  • Serve meals at VA hospitals ana clinics
  • Provide luncheons at transitional housing facilities.
  • Offer holiday meals to Veterans at home, in transitional housing, and irishelters.


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