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Sun, Jul 03, 2022

Back to Basics Auto Repairs

Vol 1 Issue 3

Back to Basics Auto Repairs

Natural disasters happen all over the world and so do test driving accidents. When that happens it can be devastating for the consumer and irritating for the dealership, but here are some tips to keep the reconstructive process quick, easy, and cost-effective.

Dry Ice- I was taught by men who believed in not having to replace but repair the damage. One technique was heating the hood and dropping dry ice on each dent.  We walked away and were able to do other tasks that required us to be more present.

Bondo- Several people have forgotten about Bondo. This is a great tool to fill and repair vehicles. My family taught me how to use hammers and dollies to bang out the dents and fill the rest with Bondo. Simple, cheap, easy, and effective.

Hammer & Dollies- Hammer and dollies were used all the time when I was growing up however not as much anymore.  I like hammers and dollies because I feel this process is a little cheaper and I really enjoy working with my hands.  I do not feel it is more time consuming honestly, it is about the same either way.

Crossbar or suction cup- If you are using a crossbar, glue a piece of it to the vehicle with hot glue, tighten it up and slowly start to pull it out. Rubbing alcohol removes the glue with ease. A suction cup is for bigger dents used the same way. I enjoy doing this more than replacing a hood, so I don’t necessarily have to paint.

Clearcoat in a can- I LOVE this product! I place this on any repair I do to make it shine and help blend if I had to do a touch-up.  I believe this is price efficient and the end result is always worth it.

By Trenton Green