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Sun, Jul 03, 2022


Vol 2 issue 1


Myth - Dealers are out to screw every customer. This is one of those myths that consumers love to believe, but it’s not based in fact. This is because screwing over a customer inevitably leads to a customer service nightmare, with the consumer screaming to the automaker, the Better Business Bureau, the local media, state regulators, and anyone who will listen about why “dealership X” is the worst on the planet.

From the dealership staff’s perspective, tricking customers just isn’t worth the effort. If it blows up in your face (and it will at some point, guaranteed), you’re likely to get demoted or fired.

From the dealership owner’s perspective, their businesses are closely regulated, easy targets for civil litigation, and targets for the local press. Acting unscrupulously is a formula for losing a business, and at the very least any gains made from tricking customers is quickly lost if there’s a regulatory action, a lawsuit, etc.

Now, can an individual dealership employee act illegally? Yes. But that behavior isn’t trained or condoned at the vast majority of dealerships - the risks to the business and the staff are just too great.

Answer by Jason Lancaster, Editor of