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Thu, Jul 29, 2021

Expanded Right-to-Repair Proposal Wins in Massachusetts

Vol 2 issue 3

Expanded Right-to-Repair Proposal Wins in Massachusetts

UCDMAGAZINE.COM • WWW.NIADA.COM - January 2021, Volume 50, Number 1

Expanded Right-to-Repair Proposal Wins in Massachusetts

The passage of an initiative on the Massachusetts ballot in November will have a major effect on independent dealers and auto service shops in that state – and perhaps throughout the nation. Voters overwhelmingly approved Question 1, an NIADA-supported proposal that expands the state’s right-to-repair law to include wirelessly transmitted vehicle data. That’s important because more and more new vehicles are using wireless communication rather than a plug-in port to transmit diagnostic and repair information – but that wireless data can only be read by franchise dealers or repair facilities approved by the manufacturer. The victory for Question 1 requires automakers to create a mobile platform that gives vehicle owners access to the data so they can share it with independent service operations. When Massachusetts passed its previous right-to-repair legislation in 2012, it led to a national standard that gave independent operations the same access to vehicle diagnostic information as franchise dealers. Experts expect Question 1’s win to have a similar effect nationwide.

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