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Sat, Apr 10, 2021

Moving Forward in 2021

Vol 2 issue 1

Moving Forward in 2021

Moving Forward in 2021

If you haven’t closed the book on the year 2020, please do so now, and join us in 2021 with an enthusiastic attitude and promise of new beginnings. The world has changed, and now is the time more than ever to be part of the bigger picture. Being a member of (MIADA) means becoming the voice of the Independent Automotive Industry and collaborating to increase awareness of the independent dealer’s opportunities, challenges, and collectively find solutions on how to operate your dealership efficiently and effectively. Whether that means writing to state legislature on dealers’ behalf, educating on how to make your business more profitable through the virtual world we live in, or providing deep discounts to save your dealership money, there is no better time than NOW, to be part of the association.

 In 2021, (MIADA) will continue to support members in navigating and updating dealers on new laws and regulations, state policies and procedures, providing deep discounts from out partners and vendors, and consulting with your business specific needs, to increase your bottom line! Every 2 weeks, you can find informational and relevant news in our issues of Dealer Digest. We are diligently working with vendors such as insurance companies, lenders, social media marketing, and the newly introduced, Auction Savings App.

While 2020 was a difficult year for all of us, we are certain that these changes have the potential to benefit us all in ways we had never thought before. Let us kick off this new year with an enthusiastic move forward and preparedness to have the best year in 2021! From being aggressive in state legislature to profiting in the virtual world, (MIADA) has you covered! Thank you for your continued support of the Association! If you have not joined yet, come be part of the bigger picture and join us in our efforts to be the biggest voice and support of the Independent Automotive Industry!