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Sun, Apr 11, 2021

Powerful Buyer

Vol 1 Issue 2

Powerful Buyer

Buying a vehicle is a tough decision and not one that a lot of people take lightly. I know when I bought my first vehicle from a dealership it was intimidating, stressful and I fully relied on the salesman to direct me to the vehicle that would truly fit my wants and needs. I shopped at over 5 dealerships and the one I bought from was the one that treated me like a person, not a helpless woman. They didn’t dumb it down, or skim over aspects that they didn’t think I would care about. They sold to me like they would have to anyone that had just walked on to the lot. They were patient and kind with my questions and really listened to what I wanted. I didn’t feel like they were trying to fill a quota or push me to a more expensive purchase and the result was a very happy customer who left a very high rated review.

When it comes to men or women making the ultimate buying decision, women take the cake. According to 80% of women make the final decision. Women are buying more vehicles for themselves than ever and It’s not always about chauffeuring the kids around and being able to fit bags upon bags of groceries in the trunk. Women are interested in the vehicle and what it can do. They are looking for real value. When buying a vehicle, they must see it working in their life, not just a great looking vehicle. While picking up the kids from school, will it fit Jimmy’s tuba and Steve’s lacrosse equipment? Will there be room to bring the dog on the family camping trip? Can it be loaded with enough groceries to feed the 20 guests coming for the Super Bowl? And is it sleek enough to pull into that fancy French restaurant for a romantic anniversary?

But women are also smart shoppers. They’re doing research before going into a dealership, checking reviews, and not just reviews on the vehicles. Women are checking out the dealership and its trustworthiness before coming in to buy. If you’re ratings aren’t up to par, they won’t waste their time. Having a digital presence that allows your customers to trust you immediately will make the buying process that much easier. But that doesn’t mean that your dealership should go pink and frilly either. Peek at your marketing material. How many women do you see? Are you showing families enjoying the vehicles that you’re selling? These are key points that women are looking for.

But what it really comes down to is most women choose to buy because of the respect from the salesperson they are working with and the trust they feel from the dealership. When 90% of women consumers feel like they need to bring a man with them to buy a car, it makes one wonder, what needs to happen for women to feel more comfortable purchasing cars when they control the $7 trillion that is spent in the US annually?

By Holly McPherson