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Sun, Jul 03, 2022

Quick Clean Cars

Vol 1 Issue 2

Quick Clean Cars

Everyone loves to save money and time, but when it comes to dealerships the faster you get a vehicle out to the lot, the happier management is. I am a car detailer and have been for 10 + years.  I am basing these choices off my own experiences.  So Here are my top 5 quickest turnaround vehicles:

1.       Chevrolet Tahoe- I choose this vehicle because it is roomy, easy to move around, carpets are easy clean up and you can remove the back seats to get under them.  I have cleaned this vehicle several times and can do it under one and half hours.

2.       Chevrolet Suburban – I chose this vehicle because it is a bigger vehicle which allows me to move around in to clean up all the dirt and food in the carpet. The plastic and leather seats are also easier to clean, and I am able completely clean this vehicle in two hours.

3.       Ford 250 – I really enjoy cleaning these trucks because they have removable cup holders, the seats fold up so you can get under them easier, and when cleaning the outside the fender wells are easily accessible due to the size of the truck.  I have completely refreshed this vehicle in just a few hours.

4.       Volkswagen Jetta - I enjoy this compact car because everything is close together and easily accessible.  The carpets are not hard to shampoo and vacuum therefore I can finish an entire vehicle in an hour.

5.       Kia Rio – The car is simple to clean due to the fact there isn’t that much to clean.  The carpets are soft and effortless when vacuuming and shampooing them and the outside of the car is quick again, due to the size. Depending on how the previous owner left it, I can complete this vehicle in less than an hour.

Trenton Green