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Sun, Jul 03, 2022

Top 10 Auto Products

Vol 1 Issue 3

Top 10 Auto Products

Everyone knows that Automotive companies have some amazing technology and great minds behind their brand, but what do they do when they aren’t so focused on cars?

  • Chrysler – Stage 1 in a 3 part construction of Saturn V. rocket for NASA
  • All automakers – The role they all played in WW2 with tanks, ammo, and other necessities for the war effort.
  • Toyota – Prefab houses from 1000 to 2600 sq ft. With sleek style too.
  • GM - The first mechanical heart that was used in open-heart surgery back in 1952 and many other medical units including ventilators for the recent pandemic.
  • Honda – While many other auto companies are making tractors, like Ford, Honda makes lawnmowers.
  • VW – Food has been said the way to a man’s stomach but who knew you could mix cars AND sausage. Apparently, VW knew.
  • GM- The friend to all, human and animal. GM creates bat houses.
  • BMW – Bobsleds are a great product from BMW.
  • Lamborghini and Porche – Both are worthy of this spot for their creations in lifestyle products from laptops to speakers and headsets.
  • Honda – I can’t end the list without giving credit to Honda for their pretty sweet looking personal jets. They are just the right size for a family trip.